helen wells artist

Hello. I’m an artist living in Hastings. I just love creating colourful, detailed and patterned pieces of art that celebrate the positive side of life. A huge welcome to my website. It’s a real pleasure to have you along for this colourful and creative adventure!

My work often includes multiple layers, fragments, colours and obsessive decorative elements. My paintings often bring to mind the natural world or magical other-worlds. I’m inspired by patterns and decorative motifs from nature, from fossils, fish and feathers to the seashore, snowflakes, foliage and flowers.

I work predominantly in watercolour but often combine mediums such as ink and collage.

I feel honoured that my work is in private collections all over the world from America to New Zealand. In 2014 I won Winsor and Newton’s Watercolour Revolution competition and had my work showcased at The Saatchi Gallery in London. I have recently had an exhibition of my work at the world famous chef, Gordon Ramsay’s, restaurant The Narrow in London.  I sell lovely original paintings and also license my images for use. It would be awesome to hear from you if you have any questions at all. x

  Helen Wells Artist